INOVIT Prestige Velocity

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Featuring our signature teardrop accent and a deep concave rear, the Prestige Velocity is sure to be one of the major hits in the INOVIT range. The spoke edges of this intricate multi-vein design appear to be incorporated into the lip of the wheel; a difficult effect to pull off. While many manufacturers have released sub-standard attempts to achieve this look, we believe the Velocity succeeds where others have failed. Here at INOVIT, only perfection is acceptable. Sharp, aggressive, elegant, the Velocity commands respect.

The INOVIT Prestige Velocity will initially only be available 20″ staggered, providing compatibility for big Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche etc. 20×8.5 front and 20×10 rear will be the starting sizes and the offset range from et20 to et45 front AND rear. The Velocity is currently available in two finishes—Gloss Black with Diamond Cut Surface and full Satin Black.