Additions to ASUKA RACING Range

Monday, April 10, 2006

ASUKA RACING has expanded to include four new designs; the EV32, NZ51, ST16 and ST15 will now feature alongside the TR17 and RD21 in our range, which caters primarily to the Japanese tuning scene but also provides cross-compatibility for European and American brands. The range is distinguished by the stiffness and reduced weight each of the wheels offer, as well as the variety of available finishes. Each model comes in three standard finishes: white, satin black and gunmetal. Additionally, the ST15 is available in bronze, the ST16 in a unique copper color and both the RD21 and TR17 models are available in an exquisite gold finish, giving the wheels a hint of luxury.

Each of the wheels in the ASUKA RACING range have radiant spokes, the design adopted for actual racing wheels which is achieved by shaving off aluminum from the side of the spoke, creating an impressive form that has a full three-dimensional appearance. The contours have been achieved over years of trial and error and our advanced strength analysis technique. The result is a perfect balance between two opposing elements, lightness and high rigidity. ASUKA RACING wheels are available to order now. Please feel free to contact a distributor or browse our products at