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January 13 1998

The Start

Established by a sole trader early in 1998, the business commenced operation from a home office and small warehouse located in Friesland, a northern province in the Netherlands. After successfully sourcing suppliers for wheels and tires, the business began trading and a customer network that stretched across Northern Europe and the UK started to develop. Tenacity and a passion for business quickly led to a sharp rise in interest in the company’s products and services and it soon became apparent that expansion was the necessary next step. With a growing customer base and great reputation, it was time to source a much bigger warehouse and take on some extra staff to cope with demand.

January 2000

The First Warehouse in the Netherlands

Owing to a large market in the UK and support from a major Italian supplier, the business’ first warehouse was procured. As sales doubled year on year, a bespoke order picking system was installed to ensure the operation maintained maximum efficiency as demand increased. With capacity for over 4,000 wheels, the scope for rapid expansion that the warehouse offered made us realize how quickly a business can grow when give the opportunity. Not content to rest on our laurels, however, we resolved to make our own mark on the wheel industry.

November 2003

INOVIT brand is created and launched in UK

With business booming in the UK, the decision was taken to support this market by securing a UK warehouse, thus increasing the speed of our deliveries and quality of service. The city of Coventry was chosen as our base due to its central location in the heart of England and close proximity to major motorways, making distribution as convenient as possible. We registered the company under the name INOVIT International Limited and our very own aftermarket alloy wheel brand ‘INOVIT’ was launched amid high expectations from the industry. Our experience, existing customer base and successful formula for supplying wheels and tires to the trade gave us the perfect platform from which to quickly establish our brand.

November 2006

INOVIT Shanghai is established

As a result of the country’s intense focus on mass production, China’s economy grew dramatically during the early 2000s and a burgeoning market for luxury items such as aftermarket wheels developed quickly alongside it. With newfound disposable income at their fingertips, China’s rapidly emerging middle class propelled sales of INOVIT products to a level equal to that in Europe within a mere two months. A native speaking sales team and robust branding ensured our Chinese division grew from strength to strength. It now represents one of the most profitable sections of the INOVIT operation and has proven instrumental in the introduction of our brand to the larger Asian market.

Agust 2008

INOVIT Inc is set up in Los Angeles

As the single largest market for alloy wheels in the world, we were keen to tap into the huge potential the US had to offer. Having attended a number of automotive shows in the US, we could confidently confirm the presence of a gap in the US market, waiting to be filled by INOVIT products. As a result, in August 2008, we secured a large warehouse with a capacity for over 10,000 wheels in the Santa Fe Springs area of California where many great names from the industry are based. We also hired a highly experienced alloy wheel specialist and former employee of one of the world’s top wheel brands. With established operations in both Europe and Asia and over a decade of involvement in the sector, we felt sure our American endeavor would prove a sterling success. We are proud to report that in the eight-year interim, our US branch has flourished and plans are underway to increase the size of our operation.

July 2010


The fifth INOVIT operation was established in Northern Italy in 2010, further cementing the brand’s position as a key player in the European alloy wheel industry. Set in a picturesque landscape, the location of INOVIT’s Italian branch provides excellent access not only to other parts of the country but also to it surrounding areas. With a strong distribution network in central Europe already in place, we felt an additional branch would allow our brand to penetrate deeper into Southern and Eastern Europe and provide an opportunity to harness the potential of smaller automotive markets in neighboring regions. Italy is home to some of the biggest names the alloy wheel world has ever known and while competition was tough, we were determined to set ourselves apart from the crowd with our unique designs and expert engineering.

November 2011

INOVIT Anhui – Production Begins

In November 2011, our brand new factory in Anhui opened its doors for the first time. Owing to the skill and experience of our construction team, the building was completed on schedule and in accordance with the high standards expected from everything that bears the INOVIT name. Construction of the factory buildings had concluded by 2009 and work swiftly began on the interior fittings for the factory, staff quarters and office buildings. After the internal components were completed in August 2010, the factory machinery was installed and underground parking lot was finished. Less than three years had passed between the first pencil designs by the architect to the first alloy wheels off the production line. With the opening of our new factory came newfound confidence in our ability to dominate the global wheel market and a heightened desire for further expansion.

November 18 2012

Introducing INOVIT in Australia

In June 2012, we officially opened our sixth INOVIT branch in Melbourne Australia. As a country renowned for its contemporary vibe and modern, progressive values, we felt that our wheels would be particularly suited to the Australian market. In spite of the economic downturn that affected many businesses in the years following the start of the recession, our continued growth is demonstrative of the solid business acumen of our management team and the quality of our products. Throughout our history, we have successfully maintained a clear vision that has seen us through some tough times and helped position our company as one of the strongest in the wheel industry.

June 2012

INOVIT Suqian – The New Manufacturing Facility

With the land secured and building plans approved, work began on our new manufacturing facility in Suqian, China. As the first factory we have possessed 100% ownership of, the construction of INOVIT Suqian marked an exciting phase in our company history. Some of the advanced technology installed in the facility includes robotic-arms and gravity, low pressure and flow-forming capabilities for enhanced wheel production. With a manufacturing capacity of between 50,000 to 60,000 units per month and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year operation times, INOVIT Suqian guarantees the demand generated by our international customer base is fully met. We had long been preparing to open our very own factory and with the experience gained through working with our partners and our own intimate knowledge of the manufacturing process, we felt we had all the ingredients necessary to establish a highly efficient and economical facility.

April 2013

INOVIT NEO Joint Venture

In April 2013 INOVIT announced a joint partnership with Neo Wheels – the premier manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheels in India. Having secured the deal, we proceeded to open a new foundry in Bombay and focused our attentions on developing our brand within the country. The partnership signified a big step forward in the expansion of our operation; the opening of the new facility not only helps supply the local Indian market but has also proved advantageous in our dealings with other markets globally. By harnessing over fifty years combined industry experience, the INOVIT NEO joint venture significantly widened our global footprint and supported our continued development within the ever-changing landscape of the alloy wheels market.

September 15 2014

INOVIT Suqian – Ready to Go!

On budget and three months ahead of schedule, the completion of INOVIT Suqian was celebrated with an opening ceremony that was attended by the city mayor and widely reported in local media. By this point, all departments were fully operational and the furnace had been running for three weeks straight, in preparation for the first course of production. Our state of art facility includes a fully automatic paint line, boasting greater efficiency and higher production output than any comparable line available today. Utilizing the latest casting technology, the wheels supplied to our global distribution network by INOVIT Suqian are manufactured the highest possible standards. In order to guarantee quality and consistency in everything that leaves the facility, we’ve created a dedicated QC warehouse where each of our products undergoes rigorous testing. As a result of these processes, we can be sure to not only meet but also surpass the expectations of our customers.

May 26 2015

INOVIT Exhibits at the Autopromotec, Bologna

With a well-established INOVIT distribution center in Italy already in place, we felt right at home at the Autopromotec. The annual event, held at the Bologna trade fair center, is the largest exhibition of automotive equipment and aftermarket products in Italy. Having attended the event once before in 2013, we were able to draw from our previous experience to make the most of this fantastic opportunity, showcasing the INOVIT ranges to maximum effect.