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Hyper Silver Gloss Black Diamond Cut Surface


This exceptionally stylish design is a sleek reinvention of the one of the most popular wheels in the INOVIT range, the Force 4. Drawing on the fundamental features and engineering techniques used in the previous version, the Force 5 takes the design to a new level with fifteen slender spokes that reach the very edge of the rim. With sizes ranging from 15 inch all the way to 20 inch, and staggered sizes from 18 inch and upward, the Force 5 is one of the most adaptable models we have to offer. This classic design also incorporates a concaved rear that’s significantly deeper than the front for that instant ‘wow’ factor when fitted.Boasting the same lightweight design as its predecessor but with a little extra style, the Force 5 is of one the finest models of its kind on the market today.


15 X 6.5J98-114.320 - 42PC5HPC - Performance Concave
16 X 7.0J98-114.320 - 42PC5HSC - Standard Concave
17 X 7.5J100-114.320 - 42PC5HDC - Deep Concave
18 X 8.0J100-120 20 - 45SC5HUC - Ultra Concave
18 X 9.0J100-12020 - 42DC5H
19 X 8.5J100-120 30 - 45SC·DC5H
19 X 9.5J100-12030 - 42 DC·UC5H
20 X 8.5J 108-12030 - 45SC·DC5H
20 X 10.0J 108-12030 - 42 DC·UC5H